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Standard card grading, 10-20 business days.


Here's how our Card Grading Service works:


Step 1 - Submission:

Begin by choosing the card/cards you wish to have graded. Please write the card's name, set and number in the notes box at checkout.

Step 2 - Send in your cards:

Make sure to protect your cards by packaging them securely. It is essential that you use protective sleeves and top loaders to prevent your cards being damaged during transit. It is also recommended to use a bubble mailer or pad out the package.

You will need to send your cards to:


263 Cleethorpes Road,


DN31 3BH

Step 3 - Professional Assessment:

Our grading process adheres to industry-standards and guidelines, ensuring accuracy and consistency within the whole process.

Once your cards arrive, our highly skilled team of graders will meticulously examine each card, taking into account factors such as:

Centering (checking the boarders are even)

Corners and edges (checking for damage and whiting)

Surface quality (checking for scratches, dents and white spots)

Step 4 - Grading Report:

Once assessment is complete, you will receive a detailed grading report for each card. The details in the report allow you to understand the reasons for the grade you receive.

Each report will include:

The overall grade given

A break down of the grade given for each factor and the attributes which contributed to this grade

A unique identification number

Step 5 - Secure Return:

With all the hard work done, your newly graded cards will be packaged with utmost care to ensure they are secure and protected during shipping so that they can be safely returned to you.


If you have any questions about the grading process or need help making a submission, please do not hesitate to get in touch at:

Standard Card Grading


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